The Dying of the Light

Map #3

DOL: Dawn of Tomorrow


An apocalyptic, radiated, Minecraft server


Reddit: /r/TheDyingOfTheLight

Running MC version 1.7


The Big Ole’ Rules

On this server we believe in creating a thematic environment where players survive on the tools given to them through gameplay. Since this server is provided free of use to all we expect that those playing will display a sign of respect by not cheating. That being said, there will always be bad apples. If a player is found to be in violation of any of the following rules they can expect to be banned with little chance of appeal.


·         Client Mods - Client mods are welcome to be used on this server as long as the use of such mods does not give the player an unnatural advantage over others. Examples of such illegal mods are those that employ player radar, use auto-hit during PvP to initiate or respond to attacks, kill-auras, fly-hacks, wall-hacks, superspeed, and of course x-ray mods that allow players to see through walls. If you have a question about legal mods please message u/schneiderwm so it can be discussed. Rei's minimap and armor HUDs are acceptable as long as they do not run afoul of the restrictions mentioned.


·         Cheating – Cheating relates to any number of ways that are used to circumvent what would be called “fair play”. While cheating usually applies to the use of illegal client mods there are other ways of cheating that exist through the use of vanilla Minecraft “glitches”. The most prevalent of this is chunk loading “x-ray” whereas a slow loading chunk can display voids in the next chunk over, exposing a player’s base of operations. Another is the use of the Debug screen to count entities, thereby finding entities hidden in a base. These forms of cheating are hard to combat as they usually can only be derived by circumstantial evidence so there is an extremely large chance of error while investigating such acts. Moderators and administrators will err on the side of caution each time, so please make every effort to not take advantage of these “glitches” and keep yourself from being banned. If you raid a hidden base, or hidden cache please have a plausible reason for why you know about its existence.


·         Harassment – Everyone wants to have fun, but it shouldn’t be at others expense. Harassment of other players beyond normal roleplay will not be tolerated. Normal society expects its member's to act in a certain fashion and this server is no different. Hate speech, comments on a player's sexuality, and general dickery are not allowed. Warnings for foul play will be given, but if a player's actions are deemed excessive a ban will be applied immediately.


·         Mod/Admin Interaction - Moderators and administrators will be respected. Abusive language, demands, or childish behavior will result in a warning then ban depending on severity. Please do not contact a moderator using our reporting software just to talk, show off something you made, or offer suggestions on the server. Moderators and even administrators are players too and are not available to hold your hand or be your friend. Questions about gameplay and rules are more than acceptable, but please do not waste their time. Complaints can be forwarded to u/schneiderwm on Reddit.


·         Outside Advertising - Advertising for other servers or other games is not allowed. If you send your bot onto the server to spam chat be prepared for a reprisal.


·         Roleplay - Plugins and changes to vanilla Minecraft can only do so much to create a thematic environment. What really makes a roleplay server work is the interaction between its players. It is expected of all players to make an attempt to roleplay when playing with others. This does not mean we all need to speak like we're in a Mad Max movie, but pretending that the server is the entirety of the world is a start. That being said, keep the netspeak and circlejerking to a bare minimum so the "suspension of disbelief" can be maintained.


·         Subreddit rules – It is expected that the subreddit be used in a fashion that compliments the in-game server roleplay. Please no memes, circlejerking, or other posts that conflict with the in-game rules. The subreddit should be used to make announcements, advertise factions, and to talk about in-game events. If there is a non in-game question to be asked, such as one about gameplay or a suggestion on server changes, please title it in such a fashion.